Structure year 7 and above

Senior School

Within the Senior School (Years 7–11), all children are taught within small classes, with additional LSAs for either the whole class or for an individual child. This ensures that we can provide the level of support that each child needs for them to both enjoy their education and maximise their potential.


The school works in different ways for different activities. We have a ‘house’ system that enables children to mix and work with other pupils of different ages and skills across the school for competitive activities such as sport, and for community projects such as fundraising for charity.

Forms & Bases

For educational purposes the Senior School is made up of form groups, each of which has a form tutor. These
are then grouped into what we call ‘bases’. These have a location within the school as well as a grouping by age, and they give each child a group and place where they can feel they belong. The bases are all named after trees, so at present your child could be part of Oak, Beech or Rowan. Bases also provide an area where children can go at unstructured times, e.g. if they find the playground difficult or if they wish to do work in a supportive environment.

Specialist Areas

The Willows

The Willows houses our Specialist Support Department. Ths is the base for our team of one-to-one teachers who work across the whole school. It has ten 1:1 rooms and is set up specifically for one-to-one lessons with an individual pupil in a space that is conducive to learning and free from distraction. There are also two group rooms to be used by Speech and Language therapists, Occupational Therapy or visiting Physiotherapists.


Rowan is our base for children who require greater support and supervision to enable them to gain confidence in themselves and their ability to achieve. It provides a more sheltered environment for pupils with more complex needs who would benefit from more individualised literacy and numeracy tuition from specialist teachers.

Other provision may include Occupational therapy, Physiotherapy or Speech and Language therapy. However, pupils join their peers for subjects such as PE, Drama, Art, Science, Technology and Music to ensure integration into their year group.

An adapted or reduced timetable is offered as appropriate and specialist one-to-one teaching in literacy and numeracy is available which provides an integrated approach to the teaching of children with complex and/or specific needs.

Rowan pupils choose appropriate Key Stage 4 courses in Years 10 and 11, commensurate with their abilities. We recognise that children mature and develop at different times and a flexible approach to their studies ensures that students achieve their potential including GCSE courses where appropriate. In the past some students have achieved the Grade C standard in Maths and English, as well as other subjects. With the increased confidence that Rowan gives to pupils, most proceed to our Sixth Form and then to college. We have recently heard from one Rowan pupil who has achieved an upper second class degree in Geography from University and is now working in education himself.