All pupils follow a mainstream curriculum whenever possible and as appropriate. In the primary years pupils have dedicated periods each morning for English and Mathematics and then take various topic-based subjects to enable them to plan and investigate a range of different subjects. In the senior school the core subjects are taken up to Y9 and from Y10 pupils choose examination option subjects alongside the core.


Pupils can choose from a range of nationally recognised examinations including GCSE, BTEC, DiDA, Foundation courses or Entry Level. The introduction of a variety of qualifications takes into account pupils’ learning styles. Opportunity to succeed in Year 11 is maximised by deciding on the most appropriate qualification and whether assessment by a final examination or individual units  is best for the individual.

Sixth Form & Life After ERS

Pupils may leave after Year 11 for further education at college or sixth form but others decide to stay for our structured  sixth form where we offer the opportunity to take further qualifications including courses in skills required for everyday life. Having benefitted from our unique ERS  support and having gained more personal confidence, pupils then proceed to college at the end of Year 12 or 13 to follow traditional courses. These extra years enable additional GCSE and BTEC courses to be added to those attained in Yrs 10 – 11. It is always good to hear from pupils who have successfully transitioned to college and then onto university.