Admissions and Fees


See the School

We try to make our Admissions process as straightforward as possible.  At the simplest level we want you to see the school, have the opportunity to talk to key staff and tell us about your child and their needs.

This can be at one of our Open Days or, if that is not suitable, we can arrange an individual visit.  Normally parents like to get an overview at Open Day, perhaps have a brief discussion with us, and then arrange to come in for an individual visit if they feel that ERS might be the place for their child.

Prior to that individual session we would ask to see any documentation you have about your child – e.g. specialist reports, statement, reports from previous school – as this helps us to prepare for the meeting and to see if we can provide the support your child needs.

Next Steps

If all is positive on both sides after that meeting, we then invite your child to spend time, normally 3 days, at the school.  This is not a test or a formal evaluation but it is the opportunity for them to understand a bit more about the school and for us to see how they fit within our environment and the group they will be with if they join us.  It also allows us to see needs in context and to plan levels of support that we will recommend to meet those needs.

Feedback and Discussions

The feedback from those days with us – from staff across the school – is taken into our Admissions Meeting where we decide if and how we can help.  From that meeting we, normally, make an offer which is accompanied by a Provision Schedule which details both the recommended support and the cost of the overall individual package for your child.

(Please see general information about fees on the right, but your child’s package is likely to be unique so there will be an individual fee proposal too.)

Open Days

The obvious priority for prospective parents is to see the school – and we are always delighted to meet you at one of the Open Mornings we hold regularly throughout the year, either for the whole school or for specific areas of the school. Open Mornings are held on normal school days so you will have an opportunity to see the school running and ‘as it is’. However, if this does not suit you –  or it is too long until the next Open Day – we are very happy to arrange an individual visit.

Our Open Day events are very informal.  You will have the chance, over a cup of coffee, to hear short presentations by the Headteacher, the Head of Special Needs and other members of the specialist team and then be able to have a tour of the school. This tour will be with one of our school Ambassadors – pupils of different ages all of whom have been at ERS for some years – who will happily give you their honest (often candid, certainly unedited) version of life at ERS!  There are also plenty of staff on hand to answer any other questions you may have about the school and what it can offer your child.

If you would like to attend an Open Morning, or would prefer to come for an individual visit, please contact me.  I look forward to hearing from you and to showing you our school.

Best wishes

Fai Peers

Telephone : 01442 877060. Email : registrar@eger-roth.co.uk