Aims, Values and Vision

Aims, Values and Vision


 We want each child to achieve to their individual highest potential, we want each individual to be valued for who they are, and we want each member of our community to fully respect and be respected by others. ERS, therefore, aims to provide an environment where learning can flourish, enabled by excellent teaching and care.


ERS was founded on Christian principles and retains a strong Christian ethos which underpins our whole pastoral care policy. We encourage children to learn about their community and about the beliefs of both Christian and other faiths.  We share with them the need to be aware of others who are less fortunate than themselves and to contribute in some way to help such groups.

There are a number of specific strands of Christian input within the school, including assemblies and RE lessons which we expect all students to attend, plus church services to celebrate key Christian festivals or school milestones.  Some of our other special events or groups also have a Christian focus e.g. the work of the Chaplaincy team.

Within this overall perspective provided by our basis and foundation the school welcomes children (and staff) of all faiths or none, asking only that the child’s parent or guardian is aware and supportive of the basis of the school.


The Egerton Rothesay School vision is to transform the lives of children who have struggled, or who will struggle, to develop and grow within a mainstream school setting because of a difficulty with their learning or development.

We are a non-selective school that has the facilities to provide specialist support for each pupil, whether for a specific educational need or for a more general problem with learning.

We aim to provide a unique and relevant education for each student. We believe that education should be focused on the individual and should be about preparing each child for life after school, not just academic subjects and exams.

We provide a broad, mainstream curriculum, education and as part of this we teach pupils a range of individually tailored strategies to support their learning and development and enable them to take a range of academic or vocational or career qualifications.

We provide an environment where learning can flourish, enabled by excellent teaching and care so that each child can achieve their individual highest potential.