Pastoral Care and Chaplaincy

Pastoral Care & Chaplaincy

We place great importance on the personal and spiritual development of every child, with a strong focus on pastoral care. This integrates with our overall supportive educational environment.

Class Teachers & Form Tutors

Younger children remain in the care of their class teacher. They, because of our small class sizes, are able to form a strong relationship with each one in the group.

From Year 7, pupils also have a form tutor who monitors academic progress across the curriculum and gives children the opportunity to share thoughts and ideas.  The form tutor plays a key part in the life of the student. In addition to monitoring progress, he or she is responsible for the general wellbeing of the student, is available to listen to problems and concerns and is also the first contact point for a parent.

Forms are grouped into Bases with a Base Leader who co-ordinates the work at this stage in the child’s school career and also maintains close links with each child.

Chaplaincy Team

The Chaplain works across the school, with pupils and staff, to provide an additional dimension of care for all of the school community. He also chairs the Pastoral meetings within the school where any issues concerning the welfare of an individual child can be flagged or monitored.

As part of the wider chaplaincy team the school also has a teacher responsible for Girls’ chaplaincy and part-time youth worker.  The youth worker is an “independent adult” and as such is available to pupils in breaks and after hours as well as being involved in base activity, assemblies etc.  Working under the direction of the Chaplain the youth worker is available to the children to discuss problems as they arise.  Children can also make appointment to talk to the Chaplain – or this can be suggested and arranged by a Tutor or Base Leader – who will work alongside an individual if necessary in order to seek resolution to a difficulty.

In our experience pupils have welcomed this additional resource as giving them a person to whom they can turn for a ‘listening ear’ when perhaps raising something in the more formal arena of school might be a problem.  For this reason we have recently increased the resource in this area by appointing additional people to the team.