Pastoral Care and Chaplaincy

Pastoral Care & Chaplaincy

We place great importance on the personal and spiritual development of every child, with a strong focus on pastoral care. This integrates with our overall supportive educational environment.

Class Teachers & Form Tutors

Children in the primary age range (Poplar base) are grouped into small classes, ensuring that class teachers are able to know and understand their pupils and provide the pastoral and emotional support they need.

From Year 7, pupils are placed in small form groups with a form tutor who plays a key part in the life of the pupil and in supporting their wellbeing. Form tutors monitor progress across the curriculum of pupils in their form group and are the first point of contact for parents.

Forms are grouped by curriculum stage into bases, each in a defined area of the school. The bases are led by a Learning Base Leader, who manages the day to day running of the base and is responsible for the educational and pastoral wellbeing of each pupil.

Chaplaincy Team

The Chaplain works across the school, with pupils and staff, to provide an additional dimension of care for all of the school community. He also directs the in-house Chaplaincy team, which is made up of members of staff who take assemblies and, with the Chaplain, plan major school services.

The Chaplain and members of the team are available to children to discuss any problems they want to raise – or this can be suggested and arranged by a Tutor or Base Leader. In our experience pupils have welcomed this additional resource as giving them a person to whom they can turn for a ‘listening ear’ when perhaps raising something in the more formal arena of school might be a problem.