Sixth Form

Education at ERS after Year 11

September 2012 saw the start of our new Sixth Form and this is now an integral part of the whole school.  This interesting and varied curriculum continues to develop and grow as each pupil prepares for life after school.

This facility was introduced because we know that many of the children currently at ERS will continue to mature beyond the age of 16.  As such they may require an additional amount of support and time in order to enable them to transfer successfully into a further education establishment or employment.

ERS has developed both one year and two year educational programmes within a high quality, secure and supportive environment in which students are able to continue to mature, develop and learn. This provision is also open to suitable pupils currently at other schools.

The curriculum offered enables pupils to gain confidence and independence in both learning and life skills, in a setting which offers engagement in largely vocational study. Additionally, subject to individual GCSE schemes of work, there is the opportunity to retake one or more GCSEs.

If our Sixth Form may be of interest to you please contact Fai Peers (registrar@eger-roth.co.uk) who can let you have additional details, or view our range of courses by clicking here.