Communication is Key

Communication is Key

We think it is very important that there is good communication between the school and parents. We are in a real partnership to help your child achieve their full potential – and it is by working together that we will get the best results for them.

We have a number of publications to keep you up to date with what has been happening.  These include a Parents’ website, The Egerton (our newsletter) and our Term and School Year Diary. We also keep contact by a number of more instant means such as email, text messaging, and telephone.

The Parents’ Pages tab, with its special, password-protected pages for parents, can be used for ‘emergency notices’ such as unexpected school closures (and work for pupils in these circumstances) as well as up-to-date information on trips and events or downloadable copies of letters and forms your child was supposed to bring home to you!

Progress Reports

We produce one formal report per year for each pupil in the summer term throughout their time in the school.  This begins when students undergo an assessment process on application to the school.

Building on that, regular assessment is undertaken to monitor progress. This includes the use of cognitive ability tests (CATs) at appropriate ages and an annual reading test when relevant. In each class and subject, teachers assess pupils and record  attainment and progress on an ongoing basis against appropriate levels of attainment.  Pupils receive a cross-curricular individual learning plan which is reviewed regularly. A review involves all key staff, and the students themselves. Within this process, individual targets which are both challenging and attainable are set and reviewed regularly for each student.


Parents’ Evenings

Parents have at least two annual consultative parents’ evenings with their child’s teacher and/or form tutor, where general progress is discussed. In addition we hold three ‘specialist teacher’ parents’ evenings a year, when parents meet the specialist teachers who help their child’s literacy and numeracy, as well as the speech and language or occupational therapists.

Good communication between home and school is essential to any child’s progress, and we endeavour to maintain an open-door policy at all times, keeping parents fully informed as to who to contact for specific requirements. Further information, or an individual appointment, can always be arranged by contacting the school office.