Full Subject List

Our subjects include:

  • Mathematics GCSE
  • Number and Measure Level 1 and 2
  • Entry Level Mathematics
  • English GCSE
  • English Entry Level
  • Science GCSE Core and Double Awards (Triple if required)
  • History GCSE
  • Business and Communications Systems GCSE
  • Geography GCSE
  • Religious Education GCSE Long and Short Courses
  • Design and Technology GCSE
  • Home Economics GCSE
  • Humanities
  • Jamie Oliver’s Home Cooking Skills BTEC
  • Child Care BTEC
  • Drama GCSE
  • Performing Arts BTEC
  • Sports BTEC
  • ICT Courses – GCSE Computing and ICT DiDA
  • Spanish GCSE
  • French GCSE
  • Music GCSE

Other subjects include PE, PHSE, Careers, In The News, Study Skills, Expressive Language Development.  Pupils may also have 1:1 Maths and Literacy, Speech and Language sessions, and Social Communication as required and agreed with parents

Sixth Form courses may include

  • Child Care BTEC
  • Hair and Beauty BTEC
  • Hospitality BTEC
  • Jamie Oliver’s Home Cooking Skills BTEC
  • Land Based Studies BTEC
  • Literacy for Life
  • Photography BTEC
  • Work Skills BTEC
  • Applied Science BTEC
  • Current Affairs
  • PHSE
  • Study Skills
  • PE
  • Careers
  • Maths courses as required
  • Retakes of GCSE examinations as required